In only one month before the conference in Romania, we have raised enough donations to invite four Ukrainian members to join us and discuss the post-war development of interpretation in the country. 

Day after day, people in Ukraine are suffering from war. A crime of aggression, that many thought was unimaginable in today’s Europe, is shaking our peaceful coexistence to its very foundations. UNESCO is calling for value-based heritage interpretation. Is there any prospect for undertaking this in Ukraine? What can we do today to help foster peace and sustainability in the longer run? We discussed   such questions at our recent conference, while Managing Director of Interpret Europe Helena Vičič and Thorsten Ludwig held a special meeting with the four members from Ukraine to hear about their concerns, and explored ideas on how value-based heritage interpretation can help Ukraine in the post-war recovery.

€1,789 were finally needed to support four attendees from Ukraine. The amount has been brought up by 15 donators including two institutions.

Big thanks to our donors:
Thorsten Ludwig
Patrick Lehnes
Sebastian Bellwald
Helena Vičič
Marie Banks
Barbara Gołębiowska
Valya Stergioti
Arpad Bőczén
Bettina Pahlen
Vít Březina
Janja Sivec
Red Kite Environment Ltd
Czech Association for Heritage Interpretation
2 anonymous donors

A note of gratitude by IE Country team Ukraine

“The IE Ukraine team is sincerely grateful to everyone who made donations to help Ukrainians to participate in the IE conference in Sighișoara. A huge thank you for your attention, generosity and solidarity. We appreciate this opportunity to be part of a great IE family. Your help and support gave us feelings of hope. It is very important to know that you are with us. We believe that we can apply the inspiration and knowledge we received for the future restoration of Ukraine.

Thank you!”

Interpret Europe stands in support of our Ukrainian members and all others suffering during the Russian aggression. The below plea from our country coordinator for Ukraine outlines some of the key heritage losses suffered so far and some concrete ways that you can help if you would like to.

Heritage Emergency Response Initiative or TUSTAN is the organisation helping to protect and evacuate museum collections and cultural heritage.

Contact person: Khrystyna Kundyra,; Bank account details

Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group is helping save natural heritage in protected areas (humanitarian help for families with children evacuated to national parks, financial help for buying bulletproof vests and essential equipment for employees involved in protecting the land close to the frontline, etc.).

Contact person: Oleksij Vasyliuk, mobile +380971000473

Donations through this site:

Direct help for Ukrainian army and doctors: