14 December 2022 at 18.00 CET

In this webinar we will discuss why, but mostly how, locals can become co-creators in interpretation. Based on real cases shared by experienced interpreters and other professionals, we will try to determine what steps interpreters could take in order to build a trusting relationship with locals, to spark (and gain!) inspiration.

For the last 50 years, Valya Stergioti has been travelling in space, mostly on this planet. For 30 years now, she has been dealing with non-formal education and at the end of last century Valya discovered heritage interpretation. In 2010 Valya founded Alli Meria (meaning the ‘Other Side’) to promote Tilden’s principles in her country and just seven years ago Valya joined Interpret Europe. Since then, she has been trying to contribute to its mission and development as a certified trainer, and training coordinator.  All this time, Valya has had many opportunities to live inside a ‘local community’, and has been very lucky to learn and be inspired by the people there.