Image: Urša Vilhar

In this webinar, presenters will compare the IE quality standards with the principles of Flow Learning. Proposing the basis for a new model of developing interpretation for children and youth and implementing it in a new IE training module.

One of the principles of Heritage Interpretation written by Freeman Tilden is: “Interpretation addressed to children (say up to the age of 12) should not be a dilution of the presentation to adults but should follow a fundamentally different approach. To be at its best it will require a separate program.”

How to captivate, motivate and enthuse children and youth for heritage interpretation is a huge challenge for interpreters working with this age group.

Joseph Cornell, the founder and president of Sharing Nature Worldwide, (, is one of the most revered American nature educators in the world today.

Cornell’s highly effective outdoor learning strategy, Flow Learning, was featured by the U.S. National Park Service as one of five recommended learning theories.

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