Interpret Europe’s members met at the General Assembly – our annual meeting to catch up with the latest news about the association.
Members of Interpret Europe came together for the annual General Assembly meeting at the Mechelen Conference. This is the formal meeting of the Association where members can hear about progress over the last year and review plans for the next. The main items in the meeting were:

  • Members approved the actions of the Management and the Supervisory Committee for 2015 and discharged the Management from liability to the Association in connection with the reported actions. This is a requirement of the Constitution.
  • Willem Derde formally resigned as joint Manager and was replaced by Sebastien Zoepp who was appointed by the Supervisory Committee for an initial period of one year.
  • Changes were approved for the membership fees. While individual membership fees stay at €30, reduced individual fees (€20) will be cancelled and a new category for professional members (€60) will be introduced. Organisation membership fees will go up to €120 and fees for corporate members will be at €120 (up to five employees), €240 (up to 10 employees) and €480 (more than 10 employees). All changes will be valid from 2017 onwards.
  • New Supervisory Committee members were elected – Marie Avellino, Darko Babić, Willem Derde, Jose Maria de Juan Alonso and Bill Taylor. Michael Glen, Peter Seccombe, Steven Richards Price and Marjeta Keršič-Svetel all stood down from the committee.

The Assembly heard a report on the Management Plan for 2016 from Thorsten Ludwig, which included a change in the overall strategy for IE in involving members much more in managing the organisation and in researching and delivering projects. Members had already participated in producing the newsletter, coordinating the Facebook site and producing the Trends Analysis, all of which had been achieved with great success.

Michael Glen, who stepped down as Chair, thanked everyone for participating.

Peter Seccombe is Co-Director of Red Kite Environment, an environmental and interpretation consultancy in Britain. Peter was Vice-Chair of Interpret Europe from 2013 to 2016. You can contact Peter at

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