Interpret Europe has an ambitious goal. From 2016 to 2020, it would like to become independently supported by its members. To make the network more dense while keeping membership fees low, many members are needed.
Do you remember? We agreed to double our membership this year in order to expand our network and to take one step forward towards financial independence. This means that we need 210 new members in 2016.
We are on a good path. As a result of several initiatives, 113 new members have joined since January. However, we will have no strong attractor like our international conference during the second half of the year, and therefore the next months will become more challenging.
To achieve our goal, we still need 97 more members in 2016. We could achieve our goal rather quickly if each member of Interpret Europe could successfully stimulate just one individual, one organisation or one enterprise to join. Look around in your countries:

  • Who is an active guide, writer or planner in the field of heritage and might like to get in touch with other colleagues from all over Europe?
  • Is there an organisation that could be interested to widen its scope across national boundaries and to gain inspiration from new solutions from abroad?
  • Are you cooperating with suppliers who might like to extend their market and improve their products considering the experience of interpreters from 40 countries?

All who were in Mechelen felt the heartbeat of Europe and the value of our European network. Word-of-mouth is the best way to communicate that value and to encourage more people to join and to share.

Thorsten Ludwig is one of the two Managing Directors of Interpret Europe. Since 1993, he runs Bildungswerk interpretation in Germany, providing interpretive training, planning and consulting. You can get in touch with him through

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