For the second time, IE held a virtual General Assembly and tested the new system for online voting.

On 10 April, 46 members joined our online General Assembly to receive the 2020 reports from the Supervisory Committee and Management and to discharge both bodies from liability.

After last year’s General Assembly, IE’s Constitution was changed to allow holding the General Assembly online again. It also now allows us to hold online ballots for 24 hours after a meeting in order to enable members from different time zones to consider motions and to cast their vote.

Only two motions were raised and the following decisions were made:

  1. The Management will be authorised to update the membership fees every second year to reflect the World Bank statistics (GDP PPP) from the year before last year. (This reference was already approved by the GA in 2017.)

The online voting response to this motion was:

88% – for

6% – against

6% abstention

(Total number of votes: 50)

  1. At the General Assembly in 2023, Management/SC will present a proposal on whether obligatory membership for participation in training courses should be continued. This proposal will be presented on the basis of an assessment of relevant research data (qualitative and quantitative) to be collected until then and with clear reference to IE’s strategic goals and mission.

The online voting response to this motion was:

82% – for

8% – against

10% – abstention

(Total number of votes: 50)

As usual, the full minutes will be shared with all members before the next General Assembly.

At the end of the meeting, we took time to say a big virtual thank you to Thorsten Ludwig who stepped down from his role as Managing Director after five years. Thanks to everyone who took the time to send in their ‘thank you’ video to be included in the presentation. We also presented him with the gift certificate of an adopted brown bear, called Giorgakis, who is a rescue animal living at a sanctuary in Greece. Hopefully one day Thorsten will be able to visit him and think of us all!

To cite this article: IE Management (2021) ‘ Decisions from IE’s second online General Assembly’ in Interpret Europe Newsletter 2-2021, 6.

Available online: https://interpret-europe.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Newsletter-Summer-2021.pdf