The call to join ‘Recreating tourism through heritage interpretation’ is open. Let’s build a more sustainable future with heritage interpretation.

Have you ever wondered why some memories, like standing on the edge of a cliff in the wind, producing local craft, or strolling along the old town full of smells and sounds stay with us for such a long time? Can you still remember the taste of your grandma’s cake? Or you might easily recall a meaningful conversation you once had with a complete stranger? Such experiences are strong because we were in direct touch with places and people, getting a first-hand experience, having all our bodily senses immersed in it. Those experiences fed our mind, our heart and our spirit! Well, these are all elements of good heritage interpretation on which we can capitalise in the recreation of our tourism, which is right now seeking new ways to reinvent itself.

Heritage interpretation is a powerful tool that can add a deeper experience and meaning to everything you do, say or create. In fact, interpretation is about communication, experiences and personal feelings, the way people remember things. With interpretation as your faithful friend and partner, you can make your heritage more meaningful and people more mindful of our shared values, through your own tourism initiatives.

To our IE members: if you have contacts in the tourism industry, please share this information with them and encourage them to join us on this exciting journey as we recover from the pandemic and head towards a more sustainable future.

To tourism industry professionals: Do you want your place to become unforgettable, your community more connected and your visitors further enriched with deep experiences? Do you lead the development of tourism in your area? Do you see a value in heritage interpretation for the future of tourism? Would you organise capacity building training for your staff and local stakeholders?

You are welcome on board! We are launching the Recreating tourism through heritage interpretation initiative for tourism destinations seeking to create and promote more value-based and sustainable products and services, and at the same time, empower communities. By making heritage more meaningful to people and people more mindful of our common future, we can greatly improve visitor experiences for all concerned. This is IE’s contribution to the tourism sector in these difficult times, welcoming communities, represented by any legal body responsible for tourism development in their areas. Our Interpret Europe training programme will provide skills and knowledge to those who act as local hosts, guides, planners and copywriters, as well as managers who will lead the way forward after the training.

This process of training, applying new skills and getting into exchange with other partners will help  create value-oriented tourism products and high-quality experiences, which will attract different visitors that stay longer and experience deeper connections with local heritage, thus helping communities to preserve outstanding heritage providing the income at a local level, and develop a greener future.

Learning how to recreate tourism through heritage interpretation with the Interpret Europe training programmes will provide more benefits than just a label confirming that you are our partner and the wide promotion you will receive: you will also move beyond the old-fashioned tourism model. If you want to be a bright example of a successful story, we are inviting you to join our partnership initiative and make your place a hub for unforgettable memories. Visit our website for more information.

 Vasilka Dimitrovska is IE’s Tourism Coordinator. She can be contacted at:

To cite this article: Dimitrovska, Vasilka (2021) ‘Join IE in recreating tourism after the pandemic’. In Interpret Europe Newsletter 2-2021, 7.

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