Join us! If you are looking for additional skills in guiding and willing to learn innovative techniques of personal interpretation, we invite you to become an Interpret Europe Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG).

SIMID, the Czech Association for Heritage Interpretation, is organising a 5-day CIG course from 25-30th August 2017 in the Moravian karst near Brno, Czech Republic.
The training will be run mostly in a natural environment and in cultural heritage institutions through practical exercises, peer evaluation and team work. It is based on the Interpret Europe methodology and delivered by certified trainers.
The applicants must have previous guiding experience and be fluent in English. You can find more information here.

The participation fee is 398€. Please note that all participants have to be IE members. For that reason we advise all to obtain membership prior to the submission. (In a need of assistance please contact us)
The fee covers training, accommodation, catering and study trips. The participants will be asked to transfer the preliminary payment at least two months prior to the course.
The training will take place at the marvellous Kapráluv Mlýn scout environmental education centre in the Moravian karst. The venue already hosted a CIG course in 2016 and is conveniently located in the nature just ten kilometres from Brno. The operation of the Kaprálův mlýn is eco-friendly and the venue possess a strong sense of place due to its rich history.  
We are looking forward to meeting you in August! You can check out, how we are preparing the course.

Helena Vičič from Slovenia is an IE Certified Interpretive Guide trainer, studying interpretation at the University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland. You can contact her at:

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