Interpret Europe will be more effective if more organisations join. They are the critical nodes in our network. Organisation members often enter through the initiative of dedicated individuals – individuals like you?

Interpret Europe has about 50 organisations among its membership, including associations, charitable trusts, public sector bodies, university departments, national parks, museums, and botanical gardens. 50 organisation members – that sounds rather notable; but remember that they are scattered across more than 40 countries and various fields of interest. As a result, they often cannot form the critical mass that would give them the desired impact.

So far, we just do not have enough organisation members to really network while the opportunity for networking is what more than 80% of our members long for. In order to enter a new era where organisation members from different countries cooperate in their fields of interest and where Interpret Europe is also taken more seriously in supporting their concerns at a European level, we need more organisations as members.

Organisation members can join at They then receive information on new developments in the field directly from Interpret Europe, and they can have two representatives to benefit from reduced membership fees at conferences, etc. We share their information of international interest on social media, they can announce job vacancies or partner searches on our website, and they can place requests to IE members in our closed Facebook group.

In order to introduce Interpret Europe, we wrote many direct mailings and distributed our messages to far wider audiences this year. However, recent studies have shown that almost 50% of our members join because of word-of-mouth advertisment. Therefore, if you have access to any heritage-related association or public-sector body, it is basically you who can convince these organisations to join.

So, please start initiatives to win organisation members this autumn. Let us know how we can support you in doing so and share your success stories as well as the challenges you met by addressing We are looking forward to your support.

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