Each year we gather together to inspire one another with our experiences and examples of heritage interpretation from around the world. This year we will meet in Mechelen on 21-24 May and we are really looking forward to welcoming you!

You might already have heard that we have more study visits, presentations and workshops than ever before. But, we also have three fine keynote speakers for you too:

  • Peter Debrine from UNESCO World Heritage Centre
  • Mike Robinson from Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage
  • Ignace Schops, President of the EUROPARC Federation

Do you want to miss that?
Another reason might bring you to Mechelen this year: We think our conference theme ‘Heritage interpretation – for the future for Europe’ is more relevant than ever. We selected five subjects to work with because we think they are key to your work, to your personal involvement and to Europe. But, still, you may ask:

  • What does heritage interpretation have to do with peace? Following the experience of Flanders Fields, where fierce battles took place during the First World War, we will discuss this on site at a workshop during our pre-conference tour.
  • When does participation with your heritage community really lead to active citizenship? At the Burgundian Palace in Mechelen, where a new museum is planned, you’ll be part of it.
  • How can a winter garden teach us something on reference frameworks and what does this mean for learning experiences in our multicultural world today? You’ll experience it in an old Ursulinen school.
  • Are cultural and natural heritage two different subjects, with different target groups and ambitions? Use all your senses during an interpretive walk in the Hoge Kempen National Park – sustainability scrutinized.
  • How is the refugee crisis related to heritage interpretation and human rights? At Kazerne Dossin, Memorial, Museum and Documentation Centre on Holocaust and Human rights, you’ll find out.

So come to Mechelen and join our discussions on these topics and debate with us how interpretation could be the glue that unites us and enables our fellow citizens to team up and take action!
You’ll find the full programme and an overview of the parallel sessions at: www.interpreteuropeconference.net/programme. Please make sure you register for the conference by 6 May 2016.
We are convinced this conference can contribute to the debate on our common future. Je suis Bruxelles and I know you are too.
I’m looking forward to welcoming you to Mechelen in May!

Laila De Bruyne is Conference Manager of the Interpret Europe Conference 2016 and Event and Sponsoring Manager at Herita (Flanders Heritage Association), Belgium. You can get in touch with her at laila.debruyne@herita.be.

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