Herita is compiling examples of best practice in heritage interpretation used in adaptive reused historic buildings. Please send us examples of good, fun, interesting, useful heritage interpretation that you have seen!

The objective is to collect national and international examples of good interpretation in reused historic buildings so Herita can convince investment committees of heritage development projects of the importance of using heritage interpretation in the development of new (commercial) projects before, during and after designing plans for reusing heritage. In this first phase, we are just collecting good examples to advocate for heritage interpretation in reused historic buildings.
The examples could be of interpretation about both cultural and natural heritage and of different kinds of reused projects: restaurant, stores, living projects, companies, concert halls, theatres, schools, hospitals, markets, shops, offices…. The interpretation itself could come in many forms: text, pictures, sound, films, games, apps, architecture, interior design, partnership with local government or guide organisation,….  All these kinds of interpretation are of interest to us.

We are hoping that the collective membership of IE will be able to help!

Please send your best examples of heritage interpretation in reused historic buildings (in text and/or pictures) to Inge De Geyter at inge.degeyter@herita.be. Please also pass this message on to anyone you know who might be able to help in finding good examples.  

Thank you!

Laila De Bruyne and Inge De Geyter work at Herita, Flanders Heritage Association. Laila De Bruyne is Herita’s event and fundraising manager. She studied history and cultural management and worked at the University of Antwerp as an education assistant before. You can contact her at laila.debruyne@herita.be. Inge De Geyter is responsible for audience development and interpretation at Herita. She studied communication and film studies and started her career in the coordination centre of Heritage Days Flanders. You can get in touch with her at inge.degeyter@herita.be.

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