Margarita Kaisheva, Cybernetics M.A, a graduate from the Moscow Polytechnic University, holds a PhD in strategic management. She was responsible for numerous projects related to tourism, regional development, entrepreneurship, business growth and institutional development. Margarita had research tasks and trainings in management subjects at UCLA (USA), IIASA, (Laxenburg, Austria), Center for Management Development (Brussels, Belgium), Bocconi University, etc. and in tourism – in The Netherlands), Ireland, etc.

In the early 1990s, she became responsible for the Senior Advisors programme of the Dutch Ministry of Economy (for 17 years) and provision of expertise to communities and businesses in various fields. She worked in Bulgaria and internationally and accumulated intersectoral and cross-cultural experience and knowledge.

Margarita was a chairperson and a member of the managing board of the Association for Alternative Tourism and a member of the board of the Authentic Bulgaria association. She was part of the USAID team which developed and applied the ‘Authentic Bulgaria’ quality certification model for tourism establishments and introduction of the quality mark ‘Rose for Distinction’. She was the author of the ‘Delicious Bulgaria’ concept for promotion of gastronomy heritage. She was also part of the environment conscious ‘Green Lodge’ certification model of ECEAT in Bulgaria.

Her involvement in heritage interpretation started in 2008 with the establishment of the People and Nature Association, an NGO, dealing with interaction between people and nature and activities related to ecology, biodiversity, agro-diversity and cultural diversity. In 2011, she founded the Center for Heritage interpretation (CHI), an NGO in private use. Both organisations work consistently in the mentioned fields, initiate and implement projects on topical issues for the society.  

Margarita is dedicated to work on inspiring world civilizations through modern tourism, linking heritage to economy, biodiversity, regional and local performance, by using the art of heritage interpretation.

She has special interests in ancient civilizations and immaterial heritage.

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