The Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation is compiling examples of best practice in digital forms of heritage interpretation. Please send us examples of good, fun, interesting, useful digital interpretation that you have seen!
The objective is to improve digital heritage interpretation and visitor information in Sweden’s 29 national parks and 4 000 nature reserves. The examples we look for could be of interpretation about both cultural and natural heritage. By digital heritage interpretation we mean interpretation that is being communicated with the visitor through for example smartphone apps, websites, digital text boards or audio guides driven by solar panels. The interpretation itself could come in many forms, eg. text, pictures, sound, films, games, tasks and augmented reality. Sometimes the visitor starts to interact with digital interpretation before the visit and continues doing so after the visit. All those kinds of interpretation are of interest to us.
Since we are doing the overview with a visitor perspective we are also interested in examples of how digital heritage interpretation can be combined with regional or national information to visitors about how to get to heritage sites, accommodation and restaurants.
It is also interesting to hear if you have got any feedback from visitors about your digital interpretation, for example through comments or evaluations.
Please send your best examples of digital heritage interpretation to Per Sonnvik at

Per Sonnvik is working at the Swedisch Centre for Nature Interpretation ( You can get in touch with him at

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