Interpret Europe’s Training Team is pleased to announce a new Certified Interpretive Writer (CIW) course by Steven Richards-Price. 
Written text that grabs the reader’s attention and holds it is the key to effective word-based Heritage Interpretation. 
Discover and practice techniques to engage your readers during this five-day course. 
Steven is running a pilot course in partnership with the Heritage Management Organisation (HMO – Greece). This is the second time that HMO will be hosting and helping to organise an IE interpretive course; hopefully the beginning of a promising partnership.
Who’s it for? Heritage interpreters keen to improve their writing for visitors.
Where? The course will be in Elefsina – also known as Ancient Eleusis, near Athens in Greece. The venue is next to some major heritage features and Elefsina will be European Capital of Culture 2021.
When? 11-15 September 2017 (arrive evening of 10th September).
How do you find out more? For further details see our Certified Interpretive Writer Course webpage.
We are also hoping to run a course in Croatia in Spring 2018. 
Steven Richards-Price is an Interpret Europe Training Team member, former IE Supervisory Committee Member, former Chair of the Association for Heritage Interpretation (AHI – UK), Vice-Chair of Interpret Wales, and a heritage interpreter with many years of practical experience working for natural resources agencies in Wales, UK. He can be contacted at: 

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