May is the perfect time to enjoy this setting for this Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) course in rural Vaucluse, under the gaze of Mont Ventoux, ‘the Giant of Provence’

Just a short car ride from the historic town of Avignon, you’ll be out in the sunshine, among the cherry blossom, lavender and vines, not to mention wonderful examples of historic dry stone architecture.

The 40-hour training programme (over five days) will be run in English in a countryside environment but with enough variety for participants interested in natural and cultural (built) heritage. You will be introduced to a range of hands-on interpretive techniques contained in the Interpret Europe ‘Interpretive Guide’ methodology and gain a maximum of practical experience, developing your ideas for talks and walks, each day building on your efforts to improve and fine-tune your interpretive guiding techniques in an inspiring setting. The course also focuses on the history of interpretation and some of the theories and models underpinning it.
The timing of the course is also convenient for those wishing to attend the ‘Crossing Borders’ Interpret Europe Spring Event in Prague on 19-20 May and take part in the Certified Interpretive Guide Trainers (CIGT) course planned there.
For information on the course fee, accommodation and travel options, please contact the course trainer, Mr Sandy Colvine at:
Applicants must have some previous guiding experience and be fluent in English. Please note that all participants must be IE members at the time they take the course. Details on IE membership can be found at:
Sandy Colvine is an IE CIG trainer and member of IE’s training team. He is also studying interpretation at the University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland. You can contact him at:

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