Are you sad that you can’t attend the great IE events and conferences? IE will soon offer free webinars on heritage interpretation, providing an exciting new way to stay in touch.
If you like to feed your appetite for learning new things about heritage interpretation, share experiences about exciting projects and discuss interpretive approaches with colleagues from all over Europe, this is what you might have been looking for.
IE is developing a pilot programme called the ‘IE Webinars’ series. Adding to the range of training opportunities offered by IE, the new programme will allow members to regularly meet in a ‘virtual’ space, communicate and learn from each other. All participants (presenters and attendees) should belong to the IE network.
Each month – from late October to March – IE will conduct a webinar dedicated to a variety of inspiring themes: e.g. digital heritage, tangible and intangible cultural heritage, creativity and heritage interpretation, nature interpretation in urban landscapes, and many more! 
The IE Webinar series is currently being organised and you will soon be able to register for the presentations. Participation is free for members. 
Members whose paper was not presented during the AHI/IE conference in Inverness, will be asked to share their presentation via these webinars.
Stay tuned, be a part of the ‘experiment’ and help us learn from this process.
Evgenia Stavraki is a museologist, working as a freelancer in heritage interpretation and exhibition design since 2006. She studied Mathematics (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) and holds an MA in Museum Studies (Newcastle University, UK). She can be contacted at:

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Stavraki, Evgenia (2017) ‘Coming soon: IE webinars’. In Interpret Europe Newsletter 3-2017, 8.