You must have been in deep hiding if you missed the fact that 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage and to know that this has huge potential for funding projects close to the hearts of members of Interpret Europe.

One funding stream of approximately €40 million, is the Culture sub-programme of Creative Europe 2014-2020 and the current call for proposal to support European co-operation projects 2018 (EACEA 32/2017). You have until the 18th January 2018 to submit a proposal under this call.


This funding has the primary aims to strengthen the ability of European cultural and creative organisations to operate transnationally and to promote the cross-border circulation of artistic and cultural works. Projects should engage with audiences in innovative ways and should focus on children, young people, people with disabilities and underrepresented groups and should test new business models which may be of benefit to other sectors outside the field of culture

This support will help to promote the transnational mobility of artists and help them to internationalise their careers while improving audience access to tangible and intangible cultural heritage. The projects should also build capacity by developing innovative approaches to revenue, management and marketing, especially using digital technologies and encouraging the development of digital skills in cultural professionals. It is hoped that successful projects will contribute to the social integration of migrants and refugees by promoting mutual understanding and respect for other cultures.


The programme is not open to individual people; only a legal entity, such as a business, NGO or a public organisation is entitled to apply. Organisations must be from the 28 EU member states, from candidate or potential candidate countries or EFTA countries. In addition, organisations from Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, the Republic of Serbia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Tunisia can also take part.

Eligible Projects

There are two programmes: small scale cooperation projects (Category 1) with a maximum grant request of €200,000 representing a maximum of 60% of total eligible costs; and large-scale cooperation projects (category 2) with funding of no more than €2,000,000 representing up to 50% of allowable expenses. Category 1 programmes shall involve a project leader and at least two other partners representing three different countries, which must start on a date between May and December 2018. Category 2 projects will have a project leader and at least five other partners from six different countries and must commence on a date between June and December 2018.

Award Criteria

Relevance (30%), quality of content and activities (30%), communication and dissemination (20%) and the quality of the partnerships (20%). Applications using the online application form must be submitted no later than 18th January 2018 at 12.00 (Brussels time).

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