The European Commission’s Task Force for the preparation of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage has asked Interpret Europe to send ideas about how to interpret local heritage that takes a European dimension into consideration.

As we did last year for the European Heritage Days, we are now busy preparing a paper looking for case studies with practical examples on:

  • The interpretation of sites that symbolise European ideals, values, history and integration
  • The interpretation of historic or cultural developments (e.g. architectural styles or philosophical movements) that relate to more than one European country
  • The interpretation of historic sites that reflect the lives of people who symbolised (or contradicted) what are today’s European values
  • The possibility of including European values (such as citizenship involvement, respect for human dignity, rule of law) in the way heritage is interpreted (through participation, co-creation, etc)

If you have questions or good practical examples from your local environment for any of these points (including offers for children and young people), please send them to For your practical examples, please use the same format as for our newsletter articles.

Please – we must have your contributions by the end of next week (23 June).

To support the European Year of Cultural Heritage in this way is a great opportunity to introduce the interpretive approach at European level. Please help us to take this opportunity.

I look forward to receiving your examples

Thorsten Ludwig
Managing Director