How can digital culture enrich your daily life and work? Do you share, access or use cultural heritage materials online? The European Commission’s public consultation is open until 14 January for you to share your views.

The Commission wants to know how citizens, professionals and organisations use Europeana, the European online platform for culture heritage that is visited approximately 700,000 times per month.

The platform gives access to over 53 million items, including image, text, sound, video and 3D material from the collections of over 3,700 libraries, archives, museums, galleries and audio-visual collections across Europe.

The platform can be used by teachers, artists, data professionals in cultural institutions and creative fields but also everyone looking for information on culture.

The public consultation will help to identify through an independent evaluation how Europeana is currently used and how this can be improved and made more accessible for everyone. For example, the platform provides content also for re-use in the education, research or creative sectors of which many people are not yet aware.

The results of the consultation will contribute to further develop Europeana’s offers and increase its visibility and use for the European culture heritage online. Europeana will also be closely associated to the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018.

The public consultation is open in all EU languages – but only until 14 January 2018 so take a look and add your opinions now! You can find out more and access the consultation here:

This article has been edited from a European Commission Press Release (Marie Banks, IE News Coordinator), which can be found in full here:

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