Some weeks ago, we asked for contributions regarding the 2017 European Heritage Days. IE’s recommendations on how the interpretive approach can be used to link natural aspects to cultural heritage sites have now been endorsed.

After Interpret Europe was invited to compile recommendations for how to fill the theme ‘Heritage and Nature’ with life, more than a dozen examples came in. We would like to thank all who contributed. Meanwhile, we received an answer from the Council of Europe and from the European Commission. It says: ‘Congratulations to your entire task force – excellent paper and a good starting point for us’. The paper has now been sent to all EHD coordinators in 50 European countries and can also be found in the Material section on our IE website.

As usual, the European Heritage Days are scheduled for September. Please check whether there are sites in your area that are involved (or encourage other sites to become involved) and use the paper to highlight what heritage interpretation has to offer them. While one advantage of interpretation is to connect natural and cultural heritage, both realms are often separated. This year’s theme of the European Heritage Days is calling for a more holistic approach. It invites cultural heritage sites to approach natural heritage stakeholders and vice versa and interpreters could help to facilitate such processes.

If you have general questions regarding the European Heritage Days, please visit the EHD website and get in touch directly. If you would like to discuss single aspects, join our Spring Event in Prague and meet the EHD Programme Manager, Jelena Močević (Council of Europe), who will be one of our keynote speakers.

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