HIMIS is an Erasmus+ project that uses the techniques of heritage interpretation to help students with a migrant background become more integrated into their schools and communities.
HIMIS aims to promote mutual understanding and to prevent extremist ideologies. Teachers will learn to conduct local heritage interpretation projects, bringing together students from migrant and native backgrounds to create an interpretive project, such as a self-guided trail, a guided walk or an arts and drama activity. The projects will be planned in ways that encourage discussions about historic events, people or structures and related issues of tolerance, non-discrimination and freedom of opinion.
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Patrick Lehnes is a researcher at Freiburg University, where he works on the philosophical foundations of heritage interpretation and how to apply them in interpretation practice. He also works as a freelance interpretive planner and author through his company, Lehnes contexte. Patrick served as Interpret Europe’s Executive Director from 2010 to 2015. He can be contacted at: patrick@lehnes.info
Peter Seccombe is Co-Director of Red Kite Environment, an environmental and interpretation consultancy in Britain. Peter was Vice-Chair of Interpret Europe from 2013 to 2016. He can be contacted at: peter.seccombe@redkite-environment.co.uk 
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Lehnes, Patrick & Seccombe, Peter (2017) ‘Heritage Interpretation for Migrant Inclusion in Schools (HIMIS)’. In Interpret Europe Newsletter 2-2017, 18. 
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