In celebration of thirty years of costumed history business, Past Pleasures Ltd is delighted to announce the launch of a series of short training films, available online. 
If you have ever wondered about the working methods underpinning world-class historical interpretation, these films are designed to unpack the mysteries of costumed live interpretation, giving you a glimpse of the Past Pleasures magic.
In the films, I explore the best practice techniques employed by us, with explanations, clips of interpreters in action and thought-provoking exercises for you to join in with.
If you are a practitioner, a heritage manager or simply curious, you are welcome to enjoy and share these snippets drawn from our extensive training programmes.
The first of these films can be accessed now via a dedicated Youtube channel, and more will be added soon: 

Kate Howard is the Creative Director of Past Pleasures Ltd. She has spent twenty-five years as both manager and practitioner, defining and honing best practice in historically costumed interpersonal communications in museums, galleries and heritage environments across the world. Kate can be contacted at:

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