Every year at the Interpret Europe conference we hold an auction to raise money for a scholarships fund. We use this money to help people on low incomes come to the next conference

We usually make enough money from the auction to offer up to five scholarships. The scholarships pay for some of the conference and accommodation fees.

If you are on a low income and want to apply for a scholarship to attend this year’s conference, joint with the Association for Heritage Interpretation (AHI) in Inverness in October, this is what you need to do:

  • Write a short letter explaining your interest in heritage interpretation, how the conference would help you in your career, and what you could contribute to the conference.
  • Tell us about your experience in interpretation.
  • Tell us why we should choose you.
  • Attach your Curriculum Vitae.
  • Email it to scholarships@interpreteuropeconference.net  by 12th May
  • That’s it!

We especially encourage people from eastern European countries to apply, but if you are just starting your career in interpretation in any country then you are welcome to make an application.

We will consider all the applications and let you know by 28th May.

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Peter Seccombe (2017) ‘Scholarships for IE conference’. In Interpret Europe Newsletter 1-2017, 28

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