The ZELTForum – Gottinger Schriften zu Landschaftsinterpretation und Tourismus, vol. 10, will publish examples of creative ideas and successful practical examples on the issue of heritage interpretation and tourism.

The Zentrum für Landschaftsinterpretation und Tourismus (ZELT) (center for landscape interpretation and tourism) at the Department of Geography, University of Gottingen, Germany ( aims to show the many possibilities for a successful landscape and heritage interpretation and its importance for tourism. The intention is to create mutual understanding for the various forms of nature and culture interpretation, to outline best practices, and to increase the quality of applied interpretation and tourism concepts. A closer cooperation between research and praxis is of particular importance, as is a broad exchange between all interested parties and everyone involved.

Papers are invited and can be submitted in German, English, French, or Spanish.

Please send a brief letter of interest and complete text (10-15 pages) by 30 June 2018 to: