A new guidance document, based on wildlife viewing sites across Scotland’s national forest estate, is now available to download.

Wildlife is unpredictable, which makes good interpretation all the more important. 

But, interpretation is usually part of a wider visitor experience, and all of that experience needs to be good if visitors are going to enjoy their time on your site.  

The new guidance document Nothing to See Here: delivering better wildlife viewing experiences includes a section on interpretation, and features a wide variety of wildlife viewing sites across Scotland’s national forest estate. 

We hope this new document will be a useful addition to the relatively small amount of guidance available on this subject. 

Paul Hibberd is the Interpretation Officer for Forestry Commission Scotland, and has a particular interest in watching and interpreting wildlife. He can be contacted at: paul.hibberd@forestry.gsi.gov.uk 

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Hibberd, Paul (2018) ‘Delivering better wildlife viewing experiences’. In Interpret Europe Newsletter 1-2018, 30. 
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