You may be able to take advantage of Erasmus+ funding to help with your professional development – with your employer’s support.

Funding for participation in Interpret Europe’s course programme is often a limiting factor for many potential participants from the IE community. Individual funding from the EU is no longer possible. But, institutions can apply for their employees. 

The Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation (SCNI) is part of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The university has a programme for vocational training for the staff funded from Erasmus+. For us, training with IE has been covered from that programme. 

So, University employees interested in the IE course programmes – Why not check for similar opportunities for your competence development where you work?

Find out more about Erasmus+ here:

Eva Sandberg is the Director of SCNI, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. She can be contacted at: 

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Sandberg, Eva (2018) ‘Erasmus+ opportunity for member’s course funding’. In Interpret Europe Newsletter 2-2018, 39. 

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