This September, the capital of Slovenia will host an international event that should raise awareness of a guide’s role in spreading the ideas of sustainability.

Can a single guide have a strong impact on sustainability? Interpret Europe has a big community of interpretive guides and, during their training, they have all learned the power of an interpreter to spread responsible ideas by creating strong links between tour participants and heritage. 

If you have a colleague who works as an interpretive guide, or you happen to be one yourself, if you feel like you’re creating even a small impact, by helping people to connect with the destinations they visit or to care about global sustainability issues, why not apply for the Green Microphone Award?

The award presents the opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of personal interpretation and the influence of professional guiding.  

The event is organised by G-Guides, a Slovenian organisation that promotes training of ‘green, global and great tour guides’. In the organiser’s words:
‘As we always aim to promote responsible and sustainable tourist guiding, it is our duty and honour to recognise the efforts and work of all tourist guides who are connecting worlds every day through their stories and guiding. 

Tourist guides are cultural brokers, sustainability-communicators, unforgettable experience-creators, educators and ambassadors of sustainable tourism for all. They are the voice of responsible tourism.

On 27 September 2018, on World Tourism Day, the first tourist guide, the voice of responsible tourism, will be given the Green Microphone Award at the ceremony in Ljubljana, Slovenia.’

This award seems like an excellent opportunity to showcase Interpret Europe’s interpretive guides and IE’s training benefits. It would be nice to see some of our members nominated for this award.
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Iva Silla is an IE certified trainer, author and manager of Secret Zagreb tours ( Contact her at:

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