IE will be even more of a force if more institutions join, and most of them become members through the efforts of dedicated individuals like you

Interpret Europe is growing fast. This year we gained, on average, more than one individual or professional member per day. But, we still have too few organisation members to really network and deliver our true potential at a European level.

Organisation members are associations, charitable trusts, public sector bodies, university departments, national parks, museums, zoos, and botanical gardens. We already count some notable organisations among our members but not enough to form the critical mass that would give them the desired impact we seek.

If you work for a park or museum that is not yet an organisation member, or if you freelance for an organisation that might like to broaden its horizons, do please ask those responsible to consider joining IE.

You’ll find some benefits of being an organisation member at, coupled with a virtually constant stream of our activities on our Facebook page Showing the organisations you work for is one thing, but the most persuasive argument to win them over is if you share your personal experiences and achievements as part of our network.

The membership fee for organisation members who join now will be valid until to the end of 2019. If you have any questions, just contact

Please give it go! We really appreciate your support.