Behind each new course in IE’s training programme lie years of professional experience, the capacity to turn interpretive skills into training activities and the ability to make these activities suitable for participants from different European countries.

This may sound reasonable, and even expected, in order to meet the high standards Interpret Europe tries to maintain for all its courses. However, in practice, things are not as simple as that. It is only thanks to those who offered their experience, capacity and imagination, along with many working hours, that Interpret Europe can now offer these courses. 

Working in teams, or individually, building on their own rich professional experience, as well as on other training material, with more or less support from the Training Team, we still need to thank each one of them for the work and the training material they have generously offered. 

Without them, IE’s training programme would not be as rich as it is today.

So, a big thanks, especially to: Sebastian Bellwald, Kristian Bjornstad, James Carter, Sandy Colvine, Susan Cross, Ivana Jagić Boljat, Kate Howard, Thorsten Ludwig, Michal Medek, Nuria Moderano, Dragana Lucija Ratkovic Aydemir, Steven Richards-Price, Peter Seccombe, Helena Vičič and Mark Wallis.

Valya Stergioti is Interpret Europe’s Training Coordinator and works as a freelance Interpretive trainer and planner. She can be contacted at:

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