Becomming a Zoom pro (Image: Mohedano)

IE compiled findings from its web conference in a brochure to support organisations that also need to turn their conferences into online events.

IE ran its web conference from 8-11 May 2020 with 162 attendees from 37 countries. The average feedback was very positive. Many attendees stated that the event was surprisingly effective, some formats even turned out to be more intense than at some in-person events.

A lessons-learnt brochure that has just been published includes in 28 pages experiences on how IE increased the attractiveness of the event, met technological challenges, built the team and managed the budget, and how it communicated the conference.

This was the first time that IE ran such a complex event online. Therefore, the brochure cannot claim to be a comprehensive recommendation on how to organise online conferences. However, it offers a quick résumé to share some of the lessons IE learnt during the preparation and running of its web conference 2020.

You can find the brochure at Please feel free to share it with all who might benefit from it.