Call for abstracts for submission to a special issue of the Journal of Interpretation Research on this relevant topic.

Having met a lot of you during Interpret Europe’s web conference earlier this year, I’m delighted to inform you that the upcoming special issue of the Journal of Interpretation Research will focus on the sustainable management of tourism sites and has relevance to heritage interpretation. As one of the guest editors of this special issue, I’d like to invite you to submit an abstract for inclusion.

The US National Association for Interpretation (NAI) defines interpretation as “a purposeful approach to communication that facilitates meaningful, relevant, and inclusive experiences that deepen understanding, broaden perspectives, and inspire engagement with the world around us.” (

What sets interpretation apart from other forms of communication is that it is mission-based communication that seeks to forge emotional and intellectual connections between the interests of an audience and the meanings of natural and cultural heritage in real places, often in tourist sites or other protected areas.

This special issue of the Journal of Interpretation Research will examine the role of interpretation in the sustainable management of tourists in a variety of locations and attractions, including parks and protected areas. The issue may include empirical studies examining the effectiveness of interpretation in addressing issues related to visitation, over-use, social impacts of tourism, and resource impacts as well as to better achieve visitor outcomes, manage resources, market experiences and influence visitor behaviour. It may also include the use of site-based interpretation to encourage sustainability action beyond the visit and the site. We welcome all manuscripts at the intersection of interpretation and sustainable resource/visitor management at a wide array of places, including, but not limited, to national, state, and regional parks, museums, zoos, aquaria, cultural sites, historic sites, natural attractions, and other tourist attractions. Manuscripts that address issues and topics with international relevance are particularly encouraged.

To be considered for the special issue, please submit a manuscript title with author(s) details and

affiliations, and an abstract of no more than 250 words to Derrick Taff at on or before 1 February, 2022. Authors of selected submissions will be notified of an invitation to submit for consideration by 15 February, 2022. Full manuscripts will be due through the Journal’s

manuscript submission interface by 30 April, 2022. All manuscripts will be fully peer-reviewed. The expected publication date is November 2022.

See for more information.

Journal of Interpretation Research Editors-in-Chief:
Robert B. Powell, Clemson University,
Marc J. Stern, Virginia Tech,

Special Issue Guest Editors:
Karen Hughes, University of Queensland,
Gianna Moscardo, James Cook University,
Derrick Taff, Pennsylvania State University,

To cite this article: Moscardo, Gianna (2021) ‘The role of interpretation in the sustainable management of tourism sites’ in Interpret Europe Newsletter 4-2021, pg.36

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