If you participate in the development of your tourist destination, check this out. You might like to join our international initiative.

Most recent debates about climate and environmental issues force us to reconsider purposes of our own work at heritage sites. Do we interpreters have a responsibility to respond to contemporary challenges? Or shall we just educate about heritage? IE’s philosophy is that heritage is not there for us to learn about, but to learn from it for the future! Tourism also searches for ways to become more sustainable, so there is great potential if we team up and tackle the most critical challenges together.

You probably share an opinion that if we really want to take sustainable tourism to the next level, we need to reach to people’s hearts AND minds, make them love our planet and to collaborate with each other with respect. We believe that meaningful encounters and experiences of the natural and cultural heritage around us, conveying emotions of compassion, respect and appreciation will make people mindful enough to critically reflect upon their lifestyles.

After discussing the post-crisis opportunities for greater sustainability, Interpret Europe launched the international initiative, Recreating tourism through heritage interpretation. Here is what you can expect from involvement:

  • Our interpretive trainers will equip your stakeholder community with excellent interpretive practical tools and methods
  • Together you will cooperate in the creative process
  • You will devise programmes and services for fostering ‘sustainability mindfulness’ among locals and visitors through meaningful and participatory activities
  • Interpret Europe will promote your successful story across Europe

If this sounds good to you, check the web page for more information and submit an application form by 31 December at tourism@interpret-europe.net.

If you don’t work in tourism directly, please share within your networks and spread the word – together, let’s help recreate a more sustainable future for tourism.

The initiative is supported by Europa Nostra, EUROPARC, Green Destinations and European Cultural Heritage Network.

Max Dubravko Fijačko is a member of IE’s Tourism Team, is the Gastronomic Heritage Coordinator and an IE Certified Interpretive Trainer. You can get in touch with him at: dubravko.fijacko@interpreteurope.net.

To cite this article: Fijačko, Dubravko Max (2021) ‘IE Tourism initiative – Last call to jump on train’ in Interpret Europe Newsletter 4-2021, pg. 39

Available online: https://interpret-europe.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Newsletter-Winter-2021.pdf