Council of Europe, FARO way game

A role-playing game to promote the Council of Europe’s Faro Convention.

The game seeks to promote the Faro Convention and the value of cultural heritage for society in innovative ways whilst actively engaging different stakeholders in its implementation.

With the aim of fostering a better understanding of the use of the Faro Convention and an increased role of civil society in cultural heritage management, it offers users an opportunity to take on the roles of different heritage stakeholders and develop heritage projects featured in the game, thus acquiring hands-on knowledge of how to implement such projects in practice.

The important role of authorities (national, regional, local) in lending support to civil society initiatives, as well as in the adoption and implementation of the Convention, is specifically emphasised.

The role-playing game seeks therefore to educate, transfer knowledge and facilitate the exchange of views and a better understanding of the Faro Convention principles (Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society – Ultimately, it aims at providing every user with an opportunity to discover more practical implications of these principles, by finding his or her “Faro Way”.

This innovative instrument can become a platform with long-term impact and the potential to be developed with new features over time.

The trailer of Your Faro Way game is now available online and the game will be officially launched soon.

To cite this article: IE News Team (2021) ‘Discover Your Faro Way’ in Interpret Europe Newsletter 4-2021, pg.34

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