The edge of the Roman Empire: Housesteads Roman Fort, UK

The edge of the Roman Empire: Housesteads Roman Fort, UK, Image: Banks

‘Real – fictional – virtual spaces’ will be the title of the next edition of ZELTForum to be published late 2022.

The centre for landscape interpretation and tourism (ZELT) of the Institute of Geography Göttingen aims to demonstrate the potential and relevance of heritage and landscape interpretation for sustainable future development. The focus of interest is variations of ‘landscape’ and ‘space’, as understood and researched in multiple disciplines: natural, cultural and social sciences deal with related phenomena, as do business and literary sciences, linguistics and art, to name but a few.

The series, ‘ZELTForum – Göttinger Schriften zur Landschaftsinterpretation und Tourismus’, is dedicated to this topic as well as to the disciplinary variety of scientific approaches to the matter. The planned 12th volume with the title, ‘Real – fictional – virtual spaces’, will be edited by:

Professor Diana Marquardt (Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Campus Kleve), Dr. Jennifer Fest (RWTH Aachen University), Professor Werner Kreisel (Department of Geography, University of Göttingen), and Dr. Tobias Reeh (Department of Geography, University of Göttingen).

The volume is not limited to certain topics or areas – rather, it is intended to be scientifically diverse and cover various fields of research as well as interdisciplinary approaches to the concepts of landscape and space. Potential topics could deal with:

  • images/ concepts of space in different cultural contexts
  • utopia and dystopia
  • colonialism and its backgrounds
  • (changes of) linguistic spaces and language identity
  • (fictional) spaces in theatre, literature, film and arts
  • value shifts of ‘space’ across epochs (e.g. Australian Aboriginal dreamtime stories, the current trend of globalisation and respective counter movements)
  • artificial landscapes (e.g. Disneyland)
  • virtual and digital landscapes and spaces
  • aims and ways of conveying the meaning of landscapes (e.g. in politics, economy).

If you wish to have a paper considered for publication, please contact Diana Marquardt on: Contributions can be written in English or German and an abstract of max. 300 words will be required. The full papers are to be submitted via mail by 31 July 2022. The publication of the volume is planned for late 2022.

To cite this article: Kreisel, Werner (2022) ‘ZELTForum volume 12’ in Interpret Europe Newsletter 1-2022, pg.22

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