How do we interpret controversial historical figures?

Photo by Nikola Zelmanović

Photo by Nikola Zelmanović

Wednesday 20 July 2022, 18:00 CEST

Every country has its own controversial figures from the past and it is not always easy to find the appropriate words to interpret them. While the public usually views history as objective, heritage interpretation, as well as history itself, can be largely subjective. If heritage interpretation is making meaning through framing facts, how can we as interpreters compile facts most objectively?

Our team of interpreters is currently working on a new interpretation centre that has such a controversial historical figure as the main subject. So, through this webinar, I will try to show you some of our conclusions. However, this will be a participative webinar where you can share your experiences and our goal will be to work together in trying to find the best methods for interpreting controversial historical figures.

Iva Klarić Vujović is an art historian, museologist and heritage interpreter from Zagreb, Croatia. She works in a niche company called Muses which connects culture and tourism. This all-female team has delivered over a hundred strategic and interpretation plans, museological programs, exhibition concepts and implementations throughout Croatia and neighboring countries.
Iva is also an active volunteer in the heritage sector: she is the vice president of the national association for heritage interpretation Interpret Croatia and also an Interpret Europe Certified Interpretive Trainer for both guides and writers, as well as a member of the team working on the IE Certified Interpretive Planner course. Organization, planning, and education are the areas in which she finds the greatest inspiration which she demonstrates when working on various types of heritage projects.

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