The romantic Pradnik Valley, Images: Paweł Głowacki

The romantic Pradnik Valley, Images: Paweł Głowacki

We invite you to experience the natural and cultural beauty of Pradnik Valley – one of the most romantic places in Poland.

The coming end of the year also ends the Year of Polish Romanticism established by the Parliament of the Republic of Poland. The Pradnik Valley in Ocjów National Park fits perfectly in this context: monumental rocks, medieval castles, dark caves, wild forest foothills and legends at every step. And then on top of this heritage sits this aura: December emptiness, frost, snow and fog. Those who experience the reality here will understand that realism and phantasmagory are becoming hard to separate in this land.

During the period of Romanticism, the elements of nature were confronted with the smallness and fragility of man. It was then that the creators saw and demonstrated the vastness and power of nature in a variety of ways. But first of all, they saw it as synonymous with unrelenting freedom. Nature was the theme of their paintings or the backdrop for numerous literary dramas. It drew people to express emotions and feelings.

Pradnik Valley is permanently set in this era. The leading Romantic artists found inspiration here. Under her charm was Chopin, who visited in the summer of 1829. The Polish painter Jan Nepomucen Głowacki was here, leaving us colorful carvings of rocks and castles (interpreted well). The famous improviser “Deotyma” apparently lived in the villa Pod Korona (villa Under the Crown) during her stay at the spa. The famous painter Andriolli also rested in Ojców, seeking inspiration for his work. These majestic, natural landscapes have attracted and inspired, and continue to do so today. They are of both natural and cultural value.

Our park is a great place to experience the main topics of the Romantics – abundant pristine nature and the civility of a small village located in a deep valley. We cordially invite you, whether you have visited before – maybe not for a long time – or whether you are new to the area. Our tourist trails are waiting for you under this winter wonderland blanket of snow!

Paweł Głowacki is a Ranger at Ojców National Park and Alicja Fischer is a chief of Tourism and Education Department.


To cite this article: Głowacki, Paweł (2022) ‘Winter romance in a national park’ in Interpret Europe Newsletter 4-2022, pg.19

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