As you know, IE conferences will now be held every two years. The last one took place online in October 2021, so the next conference will be held, face-to-face, in 2023.

The conference should ideally be scheduled for spring 2023 and be planned in such a way as to ensure it is accessible for members from lower income countries. Additionally, IE conferences also constitute a valuable opportunity to increase membership numbers and recognition in the wider region where they take place. These are important goals when organising such events.

If you have attended one of our previous events, you will know that IE conferences feature a lively mix of presentations, study visits and plenty of opportunities for participation from many of our members. Organising a conference for Interpret Europe is a sizeable task but it does increase the reputation of partners involved and can also help raise income for the organising partner in the host country. Clearly, we would support you with all the knowledge gained from previous events and you will see that there are tried-and-tested approaches and standards available for most of the steps.

If you have experience in organising events and links with local partners to assemble a dedicated conference host team in your region, please don’t hesitate to send a brief letter of intent to, explaining your interest and including your initial suggestions for:

  • an appealing conference theme
  • a place and venue for about 200 participants
  • possible destinations for study visits
  • potential supporting partners in the host country.

Please send your proposal to by 15 July 2022 and we will reply by 15 August 2022.