The window is open 4 October until 7 February 2024 for Research and innovation on cultural heritage and CCIs.

The European Union should endeavour to use its cultural and creative assets to better assert its influence around the world. The arts can play an important role on building the contemporary image of the EU by increasing the visibility of the European identity, cultural heritage and the promotion of its values. In addition to the cultural benefits, the increased visibility of European arts and culture abroad can foster a sustainable and inclusive local, regional and national development and growth, including the growth of the cultural and creative industries (CCIs), while influencing countries outside the EU on important societal issues, such as the protection of the environment, peace and security, migration, gender equality, justice, or freedom of expression.

Funding is available for projects contributing to the following expected outcomes:

  • Further increase the visibility of and access to European arts and culture internationally.
  • Develop and test pilot solutions based on a model that will allow cooperation between local, national and European level and establish strategic alliances between art and cultural sectors and with other sectors.
  • Assess the effectiveness of good practices, programmes and policies that promote the EU priorities, culture and fundamental values abroad.
  • Strengthen the CCIs presence worldwide by promoting the European arts internationally.

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