Designing interpretive services is a team work, (Domagoj Blažević)

We follow the call of our members that want to connect, cooperate and exchange with other members dealing with interpretive planning.

For some years, various interpretive planners, consultants, architects, curators, designers, and other related experts, regardless of how their business is constituted, have been expressing the need to be connected with other members with a similar background from other parts of Europe and broader.

The time has come. IE offers a platform for members with this particular interest, which can result in limitless activities and cooperations. Following an earlier call, the initial members of this group have held the first online meeting.

If you are an IE member, working in one or another way in planning for interpretive experiences and you’d like to be kept in a loop, you are welcome to join the network through this form.

Having said that, much depends on the initiative of individual members and how the network will organise itself, so we can’t yet talk about concrete activities. Therefore, it is even more important that you actively contribute with your own energy, ideas and willingness. We are currently actively seeking members with experience of strategic interpretive planning for more than one site.

Just get in touch with and we’ll get the ball rolling together.

Helena Vičič is IE’s Managing Director. She can be contacted at:

To cite this article: Vičič , Helena  (2023)Interpretive planners, heads up! ‘in Interpret Europe Newsletter 3-2023, pg. 9.
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