NEMO, the Network of European Museum Organisations, launched a survey to help work out how to adapt to the new normal.

A ‘new’ way to interact in museums using touchless tech (Image: Banks)

Museums have experienced unprecedented economic and social consequences in the last few months due to the coronavirus pandemic. To better understand the status quo and what might come next, NEMO launched a survey to map the impact of COVID-19 on the museum sector.

The report analyses and documents a sector that, although it is experiencing financial setbacks, is agile and able to adapt to the new (more digital) normal.

Between 24 March – 30 April 2020, almost 1,000 museums in 48 countries contributed to the survey, a majority of them from Europe. As museums in Europe start to re-open, we need to listen to the community and learn from this crisis in order to effectively respond, mitigate and adapt.

Directed at stakeholders at all levels, this report includes recommendations urging for immediate action, for mid-term considerations and for long-term strategy with regard to:

  1. Economic support for museum operations;
  2. Investment in digital cultural heritage; and
  3. Making museums fit for crises.

The full report is available here:

Visit this page on NEMO’s website to find more relevant material dedicated to museums during COVID-19:

Use this handy page to see which museums across Europe are open again:

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