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IE’s Research Team has been busy behind the scenes and is ready to launch the new IE Digital Library.

Are you a trainer in need of more in-depth information to use in your courses? Do you need solid references to strengthen your project proposals? Would you like to know more about the research findings behind interpretation work practice? Are you simply curious to delve more into heritage interpretation? 

The IE Research Team has developed a new tool to support, enrich and share inspiration and knowledge among all members of the IE community: the Interpret Europe Digital Library. Research, evidence and inspiration about heritage interpretation are now gathered all in one place and accessible to all IE members.

Entirely dedicated to heritage interpretation and related disciplines, the IE Digital Library is:

…Not a static list, but a dynamic archive: it can be easily searched thanks to a system of tags and categories, and – above all – its collection is always growing;
…More than academic: it does not only include research articles and academic books, but also reports, videos, podcasts and formats for all preferences;
…Participatory: members have the chance to submit their favourite references to be added to the collection;
…A time saver: the platform allows users to create bibliographies automatically and quickly;
…Human-powered: the IE Library Manager will be available for customised suggestions and technical support for users;
…Free for all IE members.

How to access the digital library:

All IE members can access the library. You just need to 1) log in to the Members’ Area on the IE website, 2) open the Digital Library tab, 3) follow the instructions for first access. You can find simple instructions here ].

The library would not have been possible without the contribution of all members of the Research Team: Carmen Granito, Daniela Jelinčić, Natasa Mihajlovic, Nigel Mills, Edo Mesic, Orzolya Szilágyi, Nouha Ben Salem, Laura Time, Labrini Tsitsou. Thank you!

Carmen Granito is IE’s Research Coordinator. She can be contacted at:

To cite this article:  Granito, Carmen (2023) ‘New digital library ‘in Interpret Europe Newsletter 2-2023, pg.13.
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