26 August 2021, 18:00 CEST

What do you think of when you say the word ‘game’? Do you associate it with something carefree, fun, and childlike? How about a serious, immersive, mind-bending, mission-oriented experience?

When the creative mind of a game designer gets in perfect tune with heritage interpretation, the results are serious (art)work and meaningful fun.

Gamified activities, such as mobile apps or treasure hunts, are on the rise. How can interpreters benefit from them? Can we incorporate some game elements in our interpretive programs? Can game designers enrich their work with interpretation? In our August webinar, we are going to explain gamification and game elements, compare interpretation and gamification in search of their common characteristics and as our presenter says, give some inspiring examples of ‘gameterpretive’ experiences for visitors.

Iva Silla is a true interpreneur who builds all of her projects on heritage interpretation. Best known for her Secret Zagreb (https://secret-zagreb.com/) tours and activities, recently she started a new project called Playful Croatia (https://playful-croatia.com/). Playful Croatia is dedicated to the creation of analog gamified tours and self-guided explorations with a mission to bring touristically under-developed destinations closer to travelers and help local communities understand the potential of tourism.