The call is open until the end of 2021 to organise inspiring debates on the future of Europe in heritage sites. Why not get involved?

 The European Heritage Alliance, of which IE is a member, turns ten this year and has launched a wide call to organise inspiring citizen debates across Europe for the rest of this year. The topic should focus on the future of Europe in heritage sites.

This grassroots initiative is a meaningful contribution both to the Conference on the Future of Europe [] which officially launched on 9 May 2021, and to the New European Bauhaus [] which we featured in the last newsletter.

The objectives of this initiative are to:

  • Engage cultural heritage stakeholders and citizens to discuss the future of Europe;
  • Demonstrate that cultural heritage has a unique role to play in the co-designing and shaping of our common future;
  • Prove that Europe’s heritage sites provide inspiring settings to combine professional expertise with citizens’ engagement.

If you want to take part, there is a handy communication toolkit containing visual, videos, and suggestions for social media posts and newsletter/ website articles. The press release is also available here.

It would be great to see our IE members get involved with this. If you do take part, send a link to IE’s Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account and we will be sure to share it with other Heritage Alliance members in the network.

To cite this article: IE News Team (2021) ‘ Citizens debates – Your chance for your say’ in Interpret Europe Newsletter 2-2021, 32.

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