19 May, 18:00 CEST 

The Global Alliance for Heritage Interpretation is inviting all interpreters around the world to a series of webinars in 2022.

Join us for the next one: Whose Story is it Anyway: Interpreting the Cultural Mosaic of Canada

Interpretation is often used as a way of encouraging our audiences to walk in someone else’s shoes.  But… don’t you need someone’s permission to borrow their shoes before you go walking around in them?

In Canada, interpreting within a cultural mosaic compels us to grapple with how to present multiple perspectives. We may not have permission to tell stories from cultures that aren’t our own. At the same time, we must acknowledge that every story can be seen from multiple perspectives, and presenting these perspectives is often the reason our sites exist in the first place. When interpretation seeks to help people understand and connect with viewpoints other than their own, what does that mean for us as interpreters?

Join Global Alliance for Heritage Interpretation for a discussion about the intersection of story, culture, empathy, and interpretation.