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DigiCULT is committed to the preservation of tangible and intangible heritage using ICT and to raising awareness about the value of cultural heritage.

Our products and services:

  • Service design
  • Game-based learning
  • Augmented Reality
  • Knowledge quizzes

We are an IT oriented organization with a focus on the areas of cultural heritage and tourism. We take ICT-enabled initiatives that aim to safeguard cultural heritage and activate people towards the establishment of heritage and the transmission of culture to next generations


Expertise; We initiate activities targeted at preservation and growth of tangible and intangible heritage with the use of ICT-enabled solutions and strive for an active media policy centralized in raising awareness of the value of cultural heritage. Furthermore, we strengthen the sector and aim in guiding Cultural Heritage communities towards the utilization of digital solutions that can establish common European initiatives.


Service Design: We apply the service design process to introduce cultural heritage topics to the public and help individuals acquire a deeper understanding of its concepts. The human-centered approach in conjunction with the utilization of new technologies ensure the provision of reliable and high-quality solutions.


Tangible Experiences: We experiment with solutions that can bridge the gap
between the tangible aspects of cultural heritage and the virtual world. Our
research comprises alternative methods and capitalizes on combining real and
virtual world environments by utilizing RFID, Barcode, and physical computing
blocks (sensors, actuators, single board computers) to connect tangible items
to online content applications.


Personalized CH Strategies: Our “product customization” approach supports
the implementation of personalized strategies aiming to provide individuals
with long-lasting cultural experiences.


Gamified Engagement: We use Game-Based learning to foster knowledge dissemination and support individuals in the acquisition of new skills. We create storyboards that harness the power of gamification and engage users in a visual appealing learning process. Our gamified scenarios for promoting CH products remain technology agnostic to ensure their transferability to multiple contexts.


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Contact person: Ana Brzezinska, Senior Consultant

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Language the company works in: English, Polish