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IE tourism initiative: Recreating tourism through heritage interpretation ‘Open doors’

September 21, 2021
If your destination, like many others, has been hit by the pandemic, you are probably looking for ways to recover and thinking about how to recreate tourism to make it more resilient in future. We believe the solution lies in mindful people striving for meaningful experiences in a responsible way ...Read More

Dead men do tell tales: interpreting difficult heritage

September 18, 2021
22 September 2021, 18:00 CEST Difficult heritage is a type of cultural heritage that reflects a strong social preoccupation with the past. It includes human remains, graves, concentration camps, memorials, monuments, and other elements of individual and community heritage whose main features reflect pain, fear, shame and loss. It ...Read More

Interpretation and gamification can go hand in hand

August 22, 2021
26 August 2021, 18:00 CEST What do you think of when you say the word ‘game’? Do you associate it with something carefree, fun, and childlike? How about a serious, immersive, mind-bending, mission-oriented experience? When the creative mind of a game designer gets in perfect tune with ...Read More

Heritage Interpretation for families: Why and what’s it all about?

June 16, 2021
Do you focus on families with the heritage interpretation you offer? Research in the Flanders region shows that the experiences we gain as a child when we’re out with our family determine what we are interested in later in life. So, if we want future generations to grow up ...Read More

IE Webinar: Seeking the universal in the “outstanding universal value” at World Heritage Sites

May 14, 2021
World Heritage Sites represent outstanding universal values. But how should we grasp and interpret their relevance, simply, to a wider audience? What approach should we take to balance the complexities of these sites with comprehensible interpretation that brings the “aha” moment? How can the scientific understanding of the outstanding universal ...Read More

IE Webinar: Interpretation for children – exploring Cornell´s Sharing Nature in relation to IE quality standards

April 17, 2021
In this webinar, presenters will compare the IE quality standards with the principles of Flow Learning. Proposing the basis for a new model of developing interpretation for children and youth and implementing it in a new IE training module. One of the principles of Heritage Interpretation written by Freeman Tilden ...Read More

Recreating tourism through heritage interpretation: Call for papers

March 28, 2021
When the pandemic comes to an end, there will be a need for new ideas in tourism. What role can heritage interpretation play in this? ‘Recreating tourism through heritage interpretation’ is the title of our next Interpret Europe Conference (#iecon21) that is due to take place 1 – 4 October ...Read More

EU Funding for Culture 2021-2027

March 28, 2021
There are 13 EU programmes for culture and the creative sector with funding opportunities to help with covid-recovery. Culture is considered an important pillar of the EU as it significantly contributes to social cohesion, building a common sense of belonging and promoting shared values and cultural diversity. The Treaty ...Read More

Cultural heritage as a catalyst for positive change

March 28, 2021
A ‘green paper’ aims to put Europe’s shared heritage at the heart of the European Green Deal and is linked to the New European Bauhaus initiative. The European Cultural Heritage Green Paper (published 22 March 2021) was developed by Europa Nostra, ICOMOS (the International Council on Monuments and Sites ...Read More

Philanthropy for Europe

March 28, 2021
The European Cultural Foundation and the Allianz Kulturstiftung for Europe invite you to imagine European philanthropy for a common future. Interpret Europe is represented in the European Commission Expert Group on Cultural Heritage (Cultural Heritage Forum) and the study, Imagine Philanthropy for Europe, was shared with us in January. It ...Read More

Heritage and our sustainable future

March 28, 2021
Recordings and reading material from this conference supported by UNESCO, focusing on preserving the past for the future, are available online. Amongst the vast amount of online content available in the past year, the virtual conference, Heritage and our Sustainable Future, hosted by Praxis (University of Leeds) and the UK ...Read More

Discovering wooden treasure in the heart of Croatia

March 28, 2021
Recent earthquakes in central Croatia have drawn attention to valuable wooden architecture that has proven resilient to earthquakes. Traditional wooden architecture is characteristic for the wider area of ​​central Croatia. However, the largest concentration of the most valuable wooden architecture is located in the micro-regions of Banovina/Banija, Pokuplje ...Read More

Sharing stories: The 8 Billion project

March 28, 2021
Two international projects bring together environment, heritage, arts and faith groups to share support and experiences through films and stories. CelebrationEarth! has been a project based on hope. Despite all the environmental crises, despite the anger and despair, we wanted to remind people that there is still so much beauty ...Read More

Virtual hands-on – How corona challenged me as a trainer

March 28, 2021
Adapting to online training provided a lot of challenges, but also some learning experiences. Can we highlight some opportunities from this? Last year was challenging for all! But challenges also seek solutions and my job as a trainer changed dramatically over night. I/we had to adapt from the full ...Read More

Vransko Lake Nature Park – A place you’ll always return to

March 28, 2021
Direct encounters with nature and opportunities for nature to be your teacher, is also one of the most powerful weapons in maintaining health. Vransko Lake is the biggest natural lake in Croatia and one of the last Mediterranean wetlands. Its location, between the cities of Zadar and Šibenik in the ...Read More

Project-based learning for heritage tourism

March 28, 2021
Is project-based-learning the missing link for thriving heritage tourism professionals? Pro-Youth offers some insight. The Erasmus+ project, Pro-Youth – Strategic cooperation for more efficient international work-based learning schemes in the field of heritage tourism, is in its final stage. Partner organisations from Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy and ...Read More

International Day of Tourist Guides celebrated in Slovenia

March 28, 2021
The International Day of Tourist Guides commemorates the founding of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations on 21 February 1990. This year, the way we tourist-guides run the celebration of our special day has completely changed. Covid-19 has forced us into a virtual version of our presentation ...Read More

How do we nurture memory in museums?

March 28, 2021
Family legacies evoke memories or the feelings we had on a child’s birthday, on a unique family holiday, or at the moment of losing a loved one.  Sometimes I forget the groceries from the shopping list, sometimes I forget an appointment at the hairdresser, but imagine forgetting my mother ...Read More

Optimism is a strategy for making a better future

March 28, 2021
Spreading optimism and enthusiasm to guides during a difficult year is easier with a Tourist Board that prioritises human resources. “Optimism is a strategy for making a better future.” This interesting quote by Noam Chomsky shows exactly what happened in Zagreb in February, at the first CIG course in the ...Read More

CIW – A calling

March 28, 2021
We are lucky to love our jobs. To present and promote our natural and cultural heritage is a great responsibility and a challenge. We all had the opportunity to take part in an IE Certified Interpretive Writer (CIW) course in January and wanted to share our experiences and what it ...Read More

Thematic tables: Live(ly) exchange about creating connections

March 28, 2021
IE’s new event on the first Wednesday of the month encourages members to meet online for live(ly) exchange around a different topic each time. All IE members are invited to join us on Zoom (registration needed) or you can follow the livestream of the event in the IE ...Read More

Strategic review and planning: A five-year cycle

March 28, 2021
IE’s Strategic Plan 2016-2020 just ended. A review of the achievements in that period is being used to help plan our next five years. IE’s Strategic Plan 2021-2025 is currently being developed by the Supervisory Committee and Management with support from the managing coordinators and input ...Read More

Safe spaces for all

March 28, 2021
Interpreters are advocates for audiences and not political activists – an appeal for our cultural sites to provide safe places for all visitors. I am worried, and I suspect I’m not the only one. First of all, Brexit. Then the Covid crisis, which has thrown our sector into turmoil ...Read More

Mindful interpretation

March 23, 2021
31 March 2021,18:00 CEST Black Lives Matter encouraged sidelined groups to knock established narratives off their pedestals and to interpret heritage from a new perspective. But it sometimes seems as if one ruthlessness is simply replaced by another. How can we encourage people to interpret in a more ...Read More

Thematic table: The Interpretive Brief

March 19, 2021
The first Wednesday of the following months are reserved for live(ly) exchange about creating connections between heritage and people. As  IE members you are welcome to join us on Zoom (registration needed) or follow the livestream in the IE members group on Facebook. Around thematic tables we will discuss ...Read More

Museums during the online days – Engagement, authenticity, distance

March 13, 2021
18 March 2021,18:00 CET Online technologies are more and more used by museums these days. Covid has contributed to this trend considerably. The magic of a museum visit, however, is based on the exclusive opportunity to enjoy direct contact with unique phenomena and appreciate their authenticity. How are ...Read More

Thematic tables: Live(ly) exchange about creating connections

February 24, 2021
The first Wednesday of the following months are reserved for live(ly) exchange about creating connections between heritage and people. As  IE members you are welcome to join us on Zoom (registration needed) or follow the livestream in the IE members group on Facebook. Around thematic tables we will discuss ...Read More

Combining IE courses with national certification systems

February 12, 2021
18 February 2021, 11:00 CET During the last 15 years in Sweden, quality assessment systems have been developed for guides. There are now two connected national systems: one to make sure the guide courses reach a certain standard and one where individual guides can be tested to see if ...Read More

Integrating interpretation in parks – The case of Norway

January 21, 2021
28 January 2021, 18:00 CET The field of heritage interpretation grew out of the national parks in the USA. To this day, the practice continues to have a strong connection with parks. Some parks in Europe are actively involved in interpretive planning, media development and guide programmes. However, this ...Read More

Playful interpretation (not only) for children

December 19, 2020
26 November 2020,18:00 CET Regarding our next webinar, Ondřej Vitek, our presenter, wrote: “Interpretation techniques and skills can be used more widely than Interpret Europe training courses suggest. You can dispute whether or not my activities can be called interpretation but I am just as broadly inspired ...Read More

Change in membership fees and categories

December 17, 2020
The General Assembly decided that in 2021, ‘Individual membership’ will become the only membership category for individual members. In 2017, the General Assembly introduced professional membership in order to have comparable fees with other international organisations. All individual members involved in heritage interpretation were asked to change to this new ...Read More

Stories in the sky

December 17, 2020
How good interpretation and engaging with local communities can inspire a cross-border inter-governmental conservation movement. Running along the ground, the wind catches under the wing and her feet leave the ground. She’s airborne. She climbs quickly and now she’s soaring over the huge expanse of the ...Read More

2021 will be the European Year of Rail

December 17, 2020
Three years after the European Year of Cultural Heritage, another European Year might offer new opportunities for heritage interpretation. The European Commission’s official proposal for the Year was released on 4 March 2020. It was presented to the European Parliament on 23 June 2020 and was accepted by its ...Read More

Reignite: AHI offers new sparks for interpretation in a tough year

December 17, 2020
IE’s online conference in May inspired and informed AHI, in the UK, which ran its annual conference as a virtual event in November. In the end, its annual gathering was a very real event, generally applauded for its success in making best use of available technology as well as ...Read More

Zooming through the basics of interpretive writing

December 17, 2020
Taking advantage of online technology to provide a spark and light some fires to help staff understand the skill involved in interpretive writing. Take a bunch of scientists – ecologists, ornithologists, geologists and chemists. Add one major interpretive project that they are, of course, all able to write content for themselves ...Read More
Becoming better interpreters (Image: Zrilić)

Interpretation – more than communication

December 17, 2020
Interpretation as a communication tool is increasingly proving to be a medium that makes our experience unique. As someone who deals with tourism on a practical level – as a head of a tourist office and as a tourist guide – but also as someone who deals with tourism on a scientific ...Read More
My meaningful objects (Image: Mikolić)

The value and interpretation of personal objects

December 17, 2020
How do our surroundings earn community value through interpretation? The Heritage Interpretation Workshop gave useful insights. It was the end of September, and I had moved back to my hometown only a week prior. Covid-19 and office closures brought me back home from abroad and I was dying to ...Read More
We enjoyed the workshop and meeting characters from history (Image:Tolić)

True stories and real experiences spice up presentation

December 17, 2020
Touring the Zapresic Novi Dvori estates, I ran into a character called Marica, showcasing our local heritage in a refreshingly intriguing fashion. Earlier in the autumn, I visited the Jelacic days held at the renowned Novi Dvori estates in Zapresic, Croatia. While surveying this historical manifestation, the authentic maidservant, Marica ...Read More
Finding inspiration in local mural festival (Image: Silla)

Interpreting urban transformation in Koprivnica

December 17, 2020
How to interpret a half empty former military camp. Which story to tell, which sight to show? A diverse group gathered in the small town of Koprivnica in North Croatia, wanting to learn about interpreting cultural heritage and help organisers get a new insight about their future plans and projects ...Read More
Image: Janja Sivec

We are searching for a Natural Heritage Coordinator

December 17, 2020
Would you like to coordinate our Natural Heritage Team? This volunteer position is currently vacant. As IE Natural Heritage Coordinator, you should understand and appreciate the significant value of listed natural heritage (nature monuments, protected areas, Natural World Heritage), be able to look at nature and culture as a whole ...Read More
Municipality workers get stuck in cleaning up the heritage site (Image: Gudkova)

Cultural heritage warriors

December 17, 2020
A Turkish artist from South Africa and a Ukrainian pushed local bureaucracy to uncover and recognise the value of a site in Feithiye, Turkey. I met Bursu Cunneen, a Turkish artist and teacher, when she was photographing the stairs I went down after visiting the Lycia rock tombs in Feithiye ...Read More

Knowledge – Respect – Stewardship: How to keep the spark alive online

December 17, 2020
For the third year in a row, IE team Slovenia organised an event within the European Heritage Days. EHD 2020 celebrated ‘Heritage and Education: Learning for Life!‘ and that was also a theme of our online event that focused on learning through heritage interpretation. The event that was designed to ...Read More

How my CIG homework turned into reality

December 17, 2020
During the CIG course I did not even dream about it, but then the dream happened and soon came true. The Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) course I attended at the end of June this year was held in the magnificent environment of the manorial estate Novi Dvori in Zaprešić, a ...Read More

From interpretation to recognised excellence

December 17, 2020
Remember how we said to keep an eye on Bakar? Keep watching… and add Ližnjan and many other Croatian destinations to your watch-list! In an article that I wrote for this newsletter more than two years ago with Silvija Jacić, my dear co-traveller on the path of ...Read More

Dalmatia’s first heritage interpreters

December 17, 2020
Changing the role of a guide into an interpreter who inspires participants to learn by themselves is also a learning experience for the guide. The guides of the Split-Dalmatia region in Croatia enjoyed theoretical and practical instruction during a five-day IE Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) course delivered in ...Read More

The second Certified Interpretive Guide course in Zaprešić

December 17, 2020
Laughter, excitement, tears (of joy) and lots of creativity. These words best describe the last day of the CIG course. The Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) training was held for the second time this year in Zaprešić, in the Novi Dvori castle of the governor Jelačić. The course was organised by ...Read More

Take a look at Certified Interpretive Guide Course

December 17, 2020
Curious to see a bit of what a CIG course contains? This short video was created to take you there with us. Žminj is a small hilltop town in the centre of Croatia’s biggest peninsula – Istria. A very specific place hides amazing local traditions. On a Certified Interpretive Guide ...Read More

Fruitful cooperation with local stakeholders in Žminj

December 17, 2020
It’s always nice when training participants are thrilled, but when the local community joins in … we can move mountains! Recreating tourism through interpretation was the main idea when Interpret Europe co-organised the course for Certified Interpretive Guides (CIG) in Žminj, Croatia, with the local tourist board ...Read More